Auburn Basketball Hopes To Find 'Fun' vs Texas A&M

© Auburn head coach Tony Barbee speaking to the media on Monday. (

Auburn basketball has dropped nine of it's last 10.

Coach Tony Barbee thinks the solution is as simple as finding 'fun' when the Tigers host Texas A&M Wednesday night.

"We've had more meetings than a White House cabinet," Barbee told the media on Monday. "I think it comes back to going on the floor and having fun."

Auburn's coach equates 'fun' to maximum effort by all involved. That includes seniors Frankie Sullivan and Rob Chubb, who have struggled.

"It's maddening that our seniors and our juniors are so inconsistent," Barbee said. "It bothers me, because they're supposed to be the rocks you lean on."

The Tigers are 3-9 with six games left in the conference season.

Auburn hosts Texas A&M at Auburn Arena Wednesday night at 7.