Auburn family gearing up for BCS title game in Pasadena

Sports analysts agree Auburn's Tre Mason displayed athleticism, grit, and determination at the SEC Championship game in Atlanta earlier this month. Mason helped the tigers clinch a win over the University of Missouri. {}Tigers fans are looking for that same magic in January when Auburn takes on Florida State for the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, California. {}"They [Florida State] haven't had a tough a schedule as we've had. {}They've had one or two tough games but we've played several teams that are in the top 10," said Dan Chavez, Board member for the Greater Birmingham Auburn Club, when asked about the match-up between Auburn and Florida State.{} The Greater Birmingham Auburn Club is organizing a watch party the night of the BCS National Championship game at the Iron City Grill. They want to show their tiger pride locally.{}{} {}"Last year was just an awful year, this year was kind of a rebuilding year. We'd figured we win some games but we didn't think we would be where we are," said Chavez.{}Fans admit, however, the championship won't be an easy win. {}The tigers will have to work hard, focus, and be mindful of small mistakes. {}But fans are confident Auburn will inevitably bring another national championship back to Alabama.{}As for the watch party, admission is free. {}Visit{}{}for more information.