Auburn fan turns down Pasadena and buys Sugar Bowl tickets for wife

At the end of the day, love definitely trumps all! At least, that's the case for one Tiger Fan who is skipping Pasadena to take his wife to the Sugar Bowl.Some sports fans might call this a sacrifice. An Auburn fan is headed to New Orleans instead of Pasadena and that's making his wife , a die-hard Alabama fan, very happy! They're partners at work here at Speedy's in Hueytown - but rivals when it comes to football. Tab Blair says, "When we first got married, we'd watch Alabama and Auburn separately. She'd go to her parents, I'd go to my parents. As you get older things change."Pam Blair says, "I haven't been to a lot of games over the years because I've been with him and my sons going to Auburn."Auburn fans dominate the Blair family, so you can imagine Pam's surprise when her husband Tab said this Saturday night.Pam Blair says, "He said somebody is advertising Sugar Bowl tickets on Facebook, would you like to go? I said yes."That's a tough order for this Auburn Fan who turned down a chance to head to Pasadena with his son and other family members. Tab says, "When we first started looking, the prices were so high, it was something we didn't want to do. By the time the prices came down, we couldn't get out there, no flights."It's a much shorter drive to New Orleans.Pam says, "I've been going to Auburn for years, so it's my turn. I don't feel guilty."The couple's three sons all scream War Eagle and only one granddaughter shouts Roll Tide, but for only one day, Tab will put the rivalry aside for his wife's love for the Tide. Pam says, "He will not yell Roll Tide and he will not wear an Alabama shirt, but I think he'll wear a Crimson shirt and he'll support me."Tab says, "She's a special lady, she's put up with a lot of Auburn experiences and its only fair she gets to have one trip."The Blair's say it would have cost them around 3-thousand dollars a piece to make the trip to Pasadena. That included a ticket and airfare. The trip to the Sugar Bowl will only cost them around 700 dollars to attend the game and stay a few days.