Auburn fans react to BCS standings

As you can imagine, many Auburn fans are now anticipating another big win and chance to bring home the crystal trophy.Fans are still ecstatic after Saturday's win - and seeing the final BCS standings made it a reality for fans that the Tigers are heading to Pasadena.People eating at Baumhowers in Hoover watched as the numbers came out.{} One fan even wore her new SEC championship shirt to celebrate the team's big win Saturday! Auburn fans believe the team has what it takes to now go on and win the national championship.Mathew Stringfellow says, "I think it's great for the state. Nobody ever thought in the last season we'd be here."James Prothro says, "Everything after six wins has been gravy. We're happy to go anywhere."Sherry Grandison says, "I think their strength has been working more as a team and it hasn't been one person that has led this team. It's been everyone collectively. We've got Tre Mason, Lewis, you got Grant and of course Nick Marshall."Many fans also gave credit to Coach Gus Malzahn.. saying In "Gus We Trust."{} We also spoke with some Alabama fans who still wished the best for Auburn , hoping they'll bring home another championship win for our state.