Auburn students, fans react to Gus Malzahn hire

Gus Malzahn is greeted as he exits the Auburn University plane on Tuesday night. (

Auburn fans anxiously awaited the arrival of their new coach Tuesday evening. Gus Malzahn touched down at Auburn University Regional Airport around 6:45 p.m. and was greeted with many "War Eagle" cheers.Auburn Fan Michael Moore said "We wanted to come and support Gus Malzahn. He was a great offensive coordinator here. We're excited to have him back to the Auburn family."Malzahn got off the plane and immediately greeted tiger fans who welcomed the former offensive coordinator back home.Katie Duke says "It's time for a change, War Eagle."

News of Malzahn becoming Auburn's new coach, replacing Gene Chizik, spread quickly on campus. Auburn student, Michael Gutierrez, said "I couldn't walk 10 seconds without someone on the concourse talking about it or seeing it on my phone. It spread like crazy!."Many students are thrilled about the decision. Katie Duke said "We got somebody that's been a part of the AU family and understands the traditions we have here and also knows how to compete in the SEC."Jordan Law said, "He's been here before and he's very good with the offense and au kind of struggled with that last year. I think it would be great for the team." But not everyone agrees with the hire, and one student has heard mixed emotions. Blake Vinyard said, "They wanted something different from the Chizik era, just to get a whole, fresh new start."But a number of Tigers fans believe Malzahn will bring a new start. He helped the team win the BCS National Championship in 2010 and many hope the coach will help do that again. Allison New said "We can only go up from here. I think he'll bring good stuff."

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