Auburn University plans to possibly replace Toomer's Oaks

The latest report on Auburn's Toomer's Corner Oaks doesn't look good. The leaves that re-growing were burned in the November 18 fire along with surrounding shrubs. There are now four proposed plans on the table to replace the trees and renovate the corner if the trees die.

Auburn fans got their first glimpse at those plans Tuesday.

All of the plans call for replacing the famous oaks with two or three trees. New shrubbery will also be added. Some plans create an arch like feel to the corner. Others move the fences and pathway.

Once a plan is selected, it will be incorporated into the university's master plan.

The oaks were poisoned in January of 2011. But new foliage appeared to be growing.

However, in November, toilet paper on the trees following the Alabama A&M game was ignited causing further damage.