Aunt uncovers niece's alleged murder plot with fake facebook profile

{}{} 19 year old Marissa Williams is was arrested in Tuscaloosa County Monday after{}the aunt she{}lived with in Fosters accused{}Williams of plotting to{}kill the family.{} Investigators say the ordeal started off as a dispute between Williams and her aunt over men Williams was inviting into their home.{} "They were having some disputes over living arrangements. The aunt had befriended her on facebook," said Lt Gary Hood with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's{}Office.{}{}Investigators say the aunt began snooping.{} She created a{}fake facebook page, calling herself 'Tre Topdog Ellis and befriended her own niece.{} What she learned startled her.{} According to court documents Williams began asking the{}Aunt in her fictional facebook profile 'Tre' to{}shoot and kill the{}aunt, the aunt's fiance, her cousin and their{}dogs.{} Investigators say Williams even{}designed a plan and explained to 'Tre' how to do i{}"The solicitation for the killing of her family members began to happen. The suspect in the case initiated the conversation," explained Lt. Hood.{} That's when the aunt alerted the{}Tuscaloosa{}County Sheriff's office and{}presented the evidence.{} Williams, the niece was arrested for Solicitation to Commit Murder.{}{}{}{}As of Wednesday evening, she remained in the Tuscaloosa{}County Jail with a bond set at $30,000.{}{} Williams aunt declined an interview, but asked for prayers for her family, including her niece.