Avid couponer finds new way to cash in on hobby


"This is my money right here," said Erika Williams, as she pointed to a pile of coupons on her dinning room table.{}Williams told ABC 33/40's Larry Miller she scours newspapers, websites, and publications in search of coupons. {}She been clipping coupons for years and it wasn't until she was laid off from her job did she decide to take her extreme couponing to a new extreme.{}"To be a single mother, its hard to take care of your kids on your own and be working at a job that doesn't pay you much. And then, I didn't like my job on top of all of that," said Williams. "Getting laid off was a bad thing at first but in the end it was a blessing."{}Williams turned a hobby into a business. {}She now grocery shops for a living; picking up food and other essentials for he clients every two week. Her clients pay a flat fee of $100.00 and get more than $800.00 worth of groceries every month. {}What makes the story interesting is that Williams spends little money on the grocery themselves thanks to coupons. {}"The trick is studying. {}My motto is 'Food': {}free, overage, and one dollar. If you go by that, anybody can do it," said WilliamsThe mother of two does a lot of studying. {}She spends anywhere from 4 to 5 hours a day looking for coupons, searching for deals, and talking with others online about ways in which to save. {}"I spent about $2,000.00 on groceries and my profit was $20,000.00," said Williams.{}There are a number of networks available to couponers. {}Novice and experience clippers can connect with others through facebook and websites like{}Williams admits getting started will take some work but once you're ready to begin clipping consistently, you'll be able to save in the grocery store regularly.{}***Want to talk with Erika Williams directly? {}Call her at 205-200-5919*******{}