Avoid Scam: collection calls not from PD


Police are warning people in Adamsville of a phone scam. {}Police received a report of someone calling people who live in Adamsville, claiming to be the Chief of Police. {}The report shows the telephone call was harassing in nature. {}The person is alleging to be collecting a debt, and pressuring the individual for personal information including a credit card number. {}It was also stated that the person would be arrested if they did not comply. {}This call may even trick your caller ID and show as a City of Adamsville phone number.{}The police chief wants to make sure people know this is a scam. {}The police department does not place collection calls. {}If you get one of these phone calls, police say do not provide the caller with any information. {}Also, immediately report this call to the Adamsville Police Department, Dispatch Unit at 205-674-5671. {}