Avoiding scams in storm aftermath

While some people choose to help after severe storms, others may choose to cash in on storm victims' losses.In fact, the aftermath of a natural disaster is considered a prime time for scammers: people who take money from others without ever completing repair work.{} {} {}The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tells ABC 33/40 there are no reports yet of that kind of fraud happening since Monday's tornadoes. But Better Business Bureau experts as well as AAA Alabama Spokesperson Clay Ingram have offered the following advice to avoid being scammed:Avoid paying before serviceAsk for recommendations for contractorsGet at least three estimates for a jobMake sure all agreements are in writingCheck to ensure the contractor has a license and meets bonding requirementsBe careful of contractors who go from door-to-door, offering services in unmarked vehiclesIf you experience or see fraudulent activity, contact police.