Avoiding summer travel blunders

The summer travel season is upon us.{} If you are planning that getaway, it is likely that you will commit one or more common blunders.{} So what do you need to know so you can best enjoy your vacation?{} The first tip is don't waste time, or money, on your vacation.Experts say you can travel like a pro this summer by avoiding these common mistakes ahead of time. CNN Travel ranked 20 of the top travel mistakes.{} The first one is packing too much.{} A survey done last year by Travelodge says two-thirds of travelers will return home from a trip with six unworn outfits.{} Experts say don't let extra baggage slow you down, especially if you're having to pay for your luggage to travel with you.Secondly, many people forget to check their phone plan before traveling abroad.{} You definitely don't want to pay extra for international roaming.{} It will cost you a fortune.{} Make sure you are covered before you depart.Another mistake is not printing out your reservation details.{} Many of us rely on our phones for confirmation numbers and itineraries, but your phone might not work with the local network.{}{} Don't rely on your electronics.{} You should print an actual hard copy as backup.Some simple travel mistakes include not tightening the shampoo caps all the way; or trying too hard with locals to get a better bargain; and not changing money at the airport.{} Another travel expert tip is avoiding over-reliance on guidebooks.{} Although they are a great tool, pull one or two suggestions per day from a guide that thousands of like-minded travelers have read or downloaded. Lastly, there is the costly mistake of not buying a full travel insurance policy.{} Experts say if you do end up needing the travel insurance, it will save you a lot of money should you have an accident while away.