Avondale continues to see business growth

Birmingham's Avondale neighborhood has gone through a major transformation in the last few years.

Southern Living magazine calls Avondale "one of Birmingham's hippest places to live and visit."

The buzz in Avondale has created more demand for new businesses.

Elizabeth Barbaree-Tasker is an Avondale resident and chief operating officer of REV Birmingham, an economic development organization. She's witnessed growth in the heart of Avondale.

"Avondale has continued to explode," she says. "It is the focus of all the activity and is the place you want to be."Barbaree-Tasker says Avondale offers something new and different. It's an older part of the city, that has been given new life. She says to Avondale brewery was a major catalyst. "Before the brewery came in there was a 25 percent occupancy rate and after several of the spaces along this block were revitalized that grew to about 75 percent occupancy. We are definitely increasing over that percentage now."Among the new additions that are taking up space, Post Office Pies. A restaurant built by the people at Avondale brewery and private investors."It's the first family oriented destination in the area.{} There's even more of a place for people to go within walking distance."

Hunter Lake, co-founder of Avondale Brewing Company, says they are revitalizing the blocks around the brewery.

"To revitalize it you have to get foot traffic to the area and you have to get creative with how to do it," says Lake. "What we're trying to do is make perfect pairings with the brewery and 'what goes well with this neighborhood?'

The owners of Avondale Brewing Company purchased this lot behind the brewery and are building a new coffee shop and vaping lounge within a short walk of their courtyard. Just up 41st street, an old gas-station will be the new home for Melt. Providing a brick and mortar home for a popular food truck in Birmingham.