BAA releases statement regarding judge's ruling to dismiss lawsuit

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A Jefferson County Circuit Judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against the Birmingham Airport Authority by the Alabama Media Group seeking to force the BAA to release records related to its terminal modernization project and the its flight information cabinets, including one that collapsed on March 22.

Judge Joseph Boohaker in an order this morning said that the BAA had supplied AMG with a great majority of the records requested by AMG, including information it obtained from its architect and general contractor on design and construction of the display units referred to as MUFIDS.

On April 17, the court issued a temporary restraining order against the BAA compelling it to comply with AMG's record's request. Today, Boohaker ruled that "The April 17, 2013 temporary restraining order is hearby quashed."

The Court noted that the BAA since that time has made available to AMG and other media outlets more than 7,600 pages of documents, "without the court having required it to do so through an injunction decree, [so that] to the extent that such documents have already been produced issuance of injunctive relive no longer exists," the judge's order stated. According to the Friday order from Judge Boohaker, BAA has satisfied many of AMG's requests or has assured the court that some other material will be provided within 20 days.

The judge said that AMG's request for vendor files from all contractors and subcontractors working on the project was too broad and vague and did not support an injunction. BAA's attorneys also have argued that "production of the documents under an order of injunction would work a hardship on the defendant that would unreasonably outweigh the benefit to the plaintiff of obtaining disclosure of said document."

Source:{} Birmingham Airport Authority Public Relations Office