Birmingham Zoo's baby giraffe named "Griffin"

The Birmingham Zoo announced that it has named its newest resident, a baby giraffe, Griffin. (Birmingham Zoo Photo)

The newest member of the Birmingham Zoo now has a name. "Griffin" was chosen as the name for the baby, male, reticulated giraffe.{} The zoo held a Facebook naming contest.{} "Griffin" beat the other options of "Kwame" and "Patton." {}The naming contest began January 6th.{} Those "following" the Birmingham Zoo on social media were asked to vote up until noon, January 13th.{} The pre-selected name options came from ZooKeepers.{} More than 2,800 votes were submitted. As a way of thanking the community for participating, the Birmingham Zoo is awarding one voter to receive a one-year Family Membership package to the Birmingham Zoo and a behind-the-scenes tour of the giraffe exhibit.

The baby giraffe is a New Year's baby.{} He was born at 12:12 AM January 1st, 2014.{} Griffin is the first giraffe birth of any North American accredited zoo. With Griffin's birth, the Birmingham Zoo now has five giraffes in its collection.{} In the coming weeks, people will get to see Griffin on the Savannah Yard.