Baby Korbin finally comes home

Little Korbin was just five days old when he became sick. He was flown to Shriners hospital a month ago for treatment. But today, the family greeted him with all smiles.

The so called miracle child, Korbin, came home Saturday, after being in a hospital in Cincinnati for weeks. Korbin's father, James Kennedy says, "Since he's been born, normal has not been in the equation."

Flesh-eating bacteria was on Korbins back, he had to undergo a skin graft, and almost didn't make it. Now the Kennedy's are swamped with medical expenses. That's why Korbins grandmother decided to have a yard sale on Saturday, to help with the bills.

Korbins grandmother, Deborah Dawkins says, "I guess you would just have to be in their shoes. I just pray every day that I'm never in that position. But it's been difficult for them I know." Dawkins says times are stressful for the entire family. Not only did the parents have to deal with Korbin's illness, but they were 470 miles away from their other two sons. "It's been hard, so anything I can do to help them, I'm trying," says Dawkins.

All the while emotions flow freely, as Korbin finally returns home just weeks before Christmas. "He is supposed to be here, God has a plan for him, I don't know what it is and I don't question it. All I know is I'm happy to have him and I'm waiting to see where he takes him." The family tells me in six weeks there going to have to return back to Cincinnati at Shiners hospital for Korbins check-up.