Bachus addresses high health care costs

Congressman Spencer Bachus (R) addressed the high costs of health care in Alabama and met with future men and women entering the health care field.

Bachus stopped by Jefferson State Community College on Wednesday morning. During his visit, he meet with students in the school's nursing program.{}

Bachus says there is a shortage of nurses in the state of Alabama.{}

Right now, he says medicaid is one of the largest parts of the state's general fund budget. And, coupled with an aging baby boomer population, more challenges lie ahead.

"Baby boomers are retiring, and fee for services has been proven to be somewhat inefficient. Although we have the best health care in the world. In many ways, that's a challenge we have to face," says Bachus.

Among ways Bachus says Washington can help to change the costs of health care is to reform social security disability, for those who he says take advantage of the system.

He also says he believes that ObamaCare will be repealed after what he calls a backlash by the American public.