Bachus introduces bill to help small businesses

Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus says federal government needs to consider the impact that regulations can have on small businesses.

With bipartisan support, Bachus (AL-6) has introduced legislation titled "The Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2013," which would require federal agencies to better account for the wide effects of proposed regulations on small businesses and tailor final rules to minimize their impact.

The proposed bill would update and fully implement small business regulatory relief, which Republicans and Democrats in Congress and former President, Bill Clinton, agreed to on a bipartisan basis back in 1996.

"In my view, the health of small businesses is one of the most important issues confronting our country," Bachus said. "Small businesses are the source for almost half of our workforce, and while I'm concerned about many economic factors, it's also my view that government regulations have a disproportionate impact on small businesses. While all businesses have to comply with state and local regulations, federal regulations can impose an even greater burden because most small businesses simply do not have the resources or the time to monitor and participate in the federal regulatory process or dispute new rules."

Bachus' bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee and the Small Business Committee for consideration.

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