Back-to-school shoppers take advantage of Alabama sales tax holiday weekend

Classes start back for the new school year very shortly. Parents and college-bound students are rushing to stores to make sure they have everything they need to get back to school. The sales tax free holiday weekend is helping many of them save some cash while they check items off their list.

Until midnight Sunday, you won't have to pay state sales tax on many items on back-to-school checklists. That includes your classroom supplies like paper, pencils, crayons, sharpeners and binders. Clothes, shoes and belts are also included on the list. And while technology aids are included like computers, tablets and software, the accessories are only covered tax free if you buy it together. For instance, you can buy an iPad case or stylus sales tax free only when you buy the actual iPad, according to Best Buy Geek Squad members.

These stipulations can be a bit confusing to people. For instance, some people ABC 33/40 talked to in stores Saturday thought they could get the tax exemption on a television for their college dorm. That's not a covered item. Stores like Best Buy put up posters and lists at the checkout center of the eligible items. However, if you want to plan out your shopping before you hit the stores, you can go to to see what the state is allowing the exemptions on during the weekend.

The stores were pretty busy Saturday. Many families were excited for the savings. How much you save is based on what you buy and how much you buy. One Geek Squad representative told us the average customer there could save anywhere from $50 to $150.

The hottest sellers at Best Buy Saturday were definitely laptops. We're told the Target location on Highway 280 quickly sold out of locker organizers. They were flying off the shelves quickly.