Ballot marked with racist language left at a home

People all over Alabama and the rest of the nation went to the polls Tuesday. Many voters waited in long lines, others had no problem casting ballots, but election day was full of intimidation for a Titusville family after voting, they found - what they describe as a hate message on their front door.{}A woman who lives on 6th Avenue South in Titusville told us, she found this sign on her house. It's a sample ballot marked with the letters KKK what she says is a disturbing reminder of the past. {}"It hurt. It hurt," Anna Scott-Moss, a Titusville resident said. "That was my first reaction - was hurt because I saw hate."When Anna Scott-Moss returned home Tuesday from grocery shopping and voting she found the sign on her front door."I said, this has KKK written all over it!" Scott-Moss said.The sample ballot woven inside her iron door - reads, "Don't vote for that *N-word.*""It's not so much fear that I'm feeling, it's protection" Scott-Moss said. "This needs to be known."She says its message brings back memories of a painful past that hasn't yet gone away."It's out there" Scott-Moss said. "It's not as open but it's still here."Moss told us, there's no indication of who is responsible. She says her next door neighbors didn't receive one."That shows hate because 1. The word. 2. The association," Scott-Moss said.She filed a report with Birmingham Police and Sgt. Johnny Williams told us they are investigating. So far, police have not received any other reports.