Barons host the Chicago White Sox to record breaking crowd

A record breaking crowd tonight at Regions Field as the Birmingham Barons held their own against the Chicago White Sox. The rain held off and fans flocked to the Magic City ready to kick off the baseball season!{}{}The crowd tonight was the biggest ever inside Regions Field - over 8500 people packed the stands. Barons managers told us, it's a perfect start to their second season at Regions."I mean, huge! How many times does a major league team come to a Double A stadium?" Carrie Waldron, a White Sox fan said.

"It's exciting!" Maddie Cain said. "I play softball and I'm the pitcher, so it's really exciting for me! It's really cool because they are major league and then there's the Barons and it's really cool they switch out every year!"

"Whew! Absolutely astronomical! I love it! Hope they come back again!" Greg Moore, a Barons fan said.

We even found a fan in from Chicago..

"I was in town, figured I would come by, see the White Sox before the Monday home opener, came out, there's a good crowd here in Alabama!" Rodney Hatch, a White Sox fan said.

Even a few rival fans...

"I grew up a Cubs fan all my life, but I've always had a soft spot for the White Sox," Ritchie Robertson, a Barons fan said. "It's not often a major league team comes to Birmingham, so it's a good time!"

After the Southern League Champion Ring ceremony, fans squeezed in a few autographs from their favorite players.

"It's exciting to have a marquee event like this that fans are excited about and they've obviously showed up in record numbers," Nick Dobreff, Birmingham Barons Media Relations said.

Tonight's game kicks off the Baron's second season at Regions Field ...

{}"Before, you wouldn't have come here, but now with Railroad Park and the stadium, you can bring kids, you can bring everybody!" Luis Toro, a fan said. "It doesn't matter what year, what age, you can come enjoy it here."The Barons will play Miles College at 6:30 - another exhibition game on Monday.{}The home opener is Wednesday April 9th against the Jacksonville Suns.

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