Baseball, fireworks, and cancer

Summer is full of baseball with our boys.{}{} I love the anticipation before the game.{} In fact, on the way to the game I love the feeling of possibilities.{} Could this be the day someone on the team gets a home run.{} Maybe our pitcher will throw a no hitter.{}{} I love a freshly watered field, especially the pitcher's mound.{} It's like the clay that an artist is about to mold into a work of art.

{}{}{}{}{} I get a similar feeling just before a fireworks show on July 4th.{} Since having children, my anticipation would be for them.{} Some years, as babies they cried when the sound was overwhelming, one year a 4th on the beach meant some revelers rockets came too close for comfort.{} Another year we watched a 4th of July host misguide a rocket into his neighbors roof which set it on fire.{}{} We also witnessed a teenager reach for a so-called dud in the garbage can after the show, only for it to go off{} as he hit the ground.{} Thankfully he wasn't hurt.{} Recently the boys have embraced the show of sound and light.{} Watching them ooh and ahh is even better than the show for me.

{}{}{} But recently I thought about the things we love like baseball and fireworks.... what you don't know can hurt you.{} If a pitcher isn't trained properly, or a catcher doesn't learn the proper technique to avoid a wildly hit ball, or the host of a fireworks party doesn't heed the warnings and safety advice, it can all turn ugly.

{}{}{} For a healthy person, it is important to heed the warnings about cancer.{}{} I got an opportunity to talk with Dr. Black at St. Vincent's.{} He reminded us that smoking and drinking alcohol can lead to head and neck cancers.{} He also reminded us that early detection is the key to survival.{} Check out this podcast to find out how a simple test can save your life!

God Bless,