Baseball Lessons


I miss baseball already. Our park team and travel team season has wrapped up for the summer.

I always dread the end of the season because, I love just about every aspect of the game.

I think if you are trying to teach your children how to get through life, baseball offers a lot of good examples.

If you missed catching the ball or struck out at the plate...first lesson don't beat yourself up. Learn from it and do better next time. I was so happy to hear a coach say to a player. The boys shoulder were hunched and his head dropped after missing the ball. The coach simply said let it go.

Two you are a part of a team. Be aware of your other team mates... And where they are in relation to the ball. Work together, don't run into each other trying to get the ball.

Preparation... practice and repetition really is important to succeed in what ever you are trying to do on the field or in life.

Dreams and expectations: If we could start each day the way most little leaguers approach the field for a new game, full of hope of winning. Looking for the fun and getting a big hit. If we could approach each new day with those dreams and expectations, looking for the good what a great it could be.


I know it sounds a little Pollyanna, but baseball and softball helps children and adults... recapture... those moments of dreams,,, and wonder.

See ya at the ballpark!