Basement Ministry Supporting Founder

A recent arrest isn't standing in the way of one man's ministry. Matt Pitt is the man behind 'The Basement'. Tuesday, it met for the first time since Pitt was arrested for impersonating a peace officer.

Thousands of people showed up to a well known ministry, known as "The Basement", despite the founder's recent run in with the law.{} It's the first Basement event following his arrest earlier this month.{} Savannah Edmonds attended the event and said "he's human, everyone makes mistakes, my view on him doesn't change at all."Calera Police arrested Youth Evangelist Matt Pitt on charges of impersonating a peace officer. They say he was using flashing blue lights as he pulled behind other cars. Basement Personnel did not want this situation to overshadow the message of their event. Pitt is a role model to many teens.{} Joel Randolph says "This ministry is about letting people know that Jesus loves them no matter what." He also says the team that helps put the basement on has become more unified following Pitt's arrest.

Some people we spoke with believe the charge does not take away his credibility as a youth leader. Derek Watkins says "There would be no reason for me or anybody else to cast judgement on anybody whether it's the President or a Pastor."

Pitt has a preliminary hearing at the Shelby County Courthouse at 8:30 a.m. on June 13th.