Bat problem forces Greene Co. High to dismiss early

{}{}{} For the second time in four months, students at Greene County High School have had to doge bats inside the building.

{}{}{} ABC 33/40 obtained a picture a student at Greene County High School took of a bat on floor in a classroom before the Christmas holidays.

{}{}{}{} Thursday morning, another bat was spotted flying through a hallway upstairs.{} Administrators have shut off that side of the school including two classrooms until exterminators reassess the area.{} Also, classes were dismissed at noon Thursday.

{}{}{} Superintendent Emma Louie admits several bats were removed from the same location back in December, but she insists there is not an infestation of bats inside the school.

{}{}{} Another student sent ABC 33/40 a picture of what appears to be several bats hanging outside a second floor window.

{}{}{} Louie says a hole was found where they believed bats were getting into the building.{} They closed it off.{} She says parents have nothing to worry about.{} "They say they [bats] can come in very tiny tiny spaces.{} So, they [exterminators] saw a few small spaces.{} They have put some type of duct there where they can go out but they can not come back in.{} So, I do not expect this to be an infestation or we have an abundance of bats.{} No one has seen huge numbers.{} As I said, this morning we saw one bat," Louie said.

{}{}{} Exterminators were back at the school Thursday evening taking another look at the bat situation.

{}{}{}Superintendent Louie says no student has been harmed by the bats.{}{} Also, pending what exterminators find, classes will resume at the school Friday morning.