Bats invade 'Kentuck Art Center' in Northport

Bats invaded The Gallery at Kentuck in Northport. (

{}{}{} All looks fine outside the main 'Kentuck' gallery in{}Downtown Northport.{} But, exterminators believe an infestation of bats{}have lodged somewhere in the building. "Saturday, we had a couple of bats fly into the shop before we were about to open," said Shweta Gamble.

{}{} The people with Kentuck believe the bats have moved-in upstairs and say it would be a health hazard to stay in{} the building while exterminators try to get rid of them. "Everything right now -- so, we don't disrupt operation as much as possible."

{}{} So, they're packing up he office and the gallery that helps fund art center.

{}{}{} Bama exterminators advised the temporary move.{} One reason is{}bats carry rabies and their droppings are plentiful.{} "Fungal spores come out of the droppings and if you breathe those in it can actually set up in your lungs and cause histoplasmosis, which is a respiratory condition," said Adam Owens.

{}{}{} "Mating season hasn't started yet -- which is why we're doing this now. I have no idea at all how many," added Gamble

{}{}{}{}{}Bats are federally protected, so exterminators can't kill them...just force them out.{} "Exclusion must be done so meticulously because if you exclude them from one area, if that's home -- they're going to try to get back to it -- get back in."

{}{}{}{} Kentuck workers will set up at another building down the street.{} But, the cost could set the non-profit back financially.{} So to raise funds...they put a 'batman-like' symbol on their website -- with the Northport iconic dog on the roof and Kentuck tree in the light. "We want to say, help us raise the roof. Kentuck is a beloved anchor of downtown Northport."