BCS dreams dashed for Hoover family


Margaret and Bryan Kelley were hoping to give their children the family vacation of a lifetime, a trip to Pasadena to watch the Auburn Tigers take on the Florida State Seminoles.{}"We're really hurting for them because we built this up and now we can't do it," said Bryan Kelley, an Auburn Alum.{}They traveled to Atlanta Saturday only to be informed that their flight was canceled because of bad weather.{}*Now we're here and the game is 3000 miles away," said Kelley.{}Thinking fast, the Kelley's booked new airline tickets leaving out of Nashville. {}The flight would eventually get them to Las Vegas. {}From sin city, they would drive to Pasadena, but the travel headaches for the family only got worse. {}"We made it from Nashville to Charlotte and when we arrived in Charlotte there was a mechanical difficulty with the jet way hooking up the airplane and we were stuck for a little more than a half an hour," said Kelley.{}The problems haven't been cheap. {}The Kelley's spent more than $4,000.00 on the trip. The family is pretty frustrated by what happen but realize there was little they could do.{}