Beaten baby home from hospital

{}{}{}{}{} Tina Minor was seen doing something Friday that a week ago - she never thought she would do...hold her newborn son like a normal baby.{} Her husband Jay Minor is accused of beating the infant. {}"Its been rough but I'm happy that he came home from Children's Hospital Tuesday but I'm not happy about the shape he came home in.," she told{}ABC 33/40 while at her{}Mother's home on Haggler-Coaling road.{}{}{}{}{} Little Jerry is still fragile from having multiple{}broken bones.{} Court documents{}say his father admitted to squeezing the baby and hitting him with his fist.{} But, it seems Jerry is beating the odds.{} "They're still worried about his brain and bones, they're going to check on that but they say it's a chance he may heal up slowly but surely." {}{}{}{} Minor says she's already seeing Jerry move his hands and arms.{} He's even opening his eyes.{} Although he's fed through a feeding tube, he cries when he's hungry.{} That's something doctors believed would not happen.{} Jerry's mother calls it a miracle. "It looks good that he's moving his legs and arms and move his head back and forth. The hospital thought he would never do that but a lot of prayers and everything and the God upstairs he did it." {}{}{}{}{} They're trying to get little Jerry to move his tongue so perhaps he can learn to suck a bottle and feed himself.{}{}{}{}{} Tina Minor says she's focused on her son and thinks very little of her husband, Jay who remains in jail. {}"He put me through a lot. But, I want to thank investigator Toby Banks for getting to the bottom of it.,"{} Minor also says she is in the process of getting a divorce from Jay Minor.{}