"Before I die" wall to come down; hundreds of posts demonstrate the dreams of locals

"Before I die..." chalkboard wall in downtown Birmingham. (

The phrase "Before I die, I want to.." was recently written on a large chalkboard in downtown Birmingham across from Regions Field, sparking many people to use it as a medium for their own personal thoughts and desires.

The sign was posted in August by Matthew Hamilton and other volunteers with TedXBirmingham, an organization committed to inspiring stories about life.{}"Its so full its hard to read now," said Matthew Hamilton of the hundreds of responses. "When we put it up, we didn't know what was going to happen. It was kinda of an experiment just to see. We got amazing responses. {}We've got people who said deep meaningful things, reflections on their lives on what they want to do. Some people put up some pretty funny comments. {}Some are pretty hilarious actually."{}Some of the responses include:{}"Before I die, I want to be a good role model."{}"Before I die, I want to be happy."{}"Before I die, I want to see the beautiful things in life."{}They are powerful responses written from a wide array of people during various moments in their lives. One man used the though-provoking wall for a marriage proposal to his girlfriend."In the six weeks it's been up, we completely erased it three times now. And every time it fills back up. From when we put it up, it was completely full...and I mean completely full in about a week," said Hamilton.{}