Berry Middle Student in Top 10 for "Creative Sandwich Contest"


As their saying goes, "Choosy moms choose Jif."{}But a Hoover area 6th grader's inventive way of using the famous peanut butter put her in the running for a big prize.{}Berry Middle shooler, Ansley Powell, entered the "creative sandwich contest" for kids and landed in the top ten.{}She concocted what she calls the "banutter cream sandwich."{}Ansley told us her recipe is special because it's easy for kids to make for themselves. "You chop up bananas and you freeze them," Ansley Powell, Berry Middle 6th Grader said. "Then you blend them together with peanut butter and honey and then you scoop them onto chocolate graham crackers and you freeze it until solid."If Ansley wins, she'll get a $25,000 college scholarship.{}She told us what she needs now are votes!{}You can vote online every on Jif's website - here is the link:{}