Bham police investigate shooting at Forest Hills Village Apartments

Birmingham Police are investigating a shootout in the Powderly community where an innocent bystander was shot.{} The gunfight happened sometime after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night in the parking lot of the Forest Hills Village Apartment complex off Tempest Drive Southwest.{} Sgt. Dwayne Howard says a stray bullet went into an upstairs apartment, hitting a woman.Sgt. Howard says the innocent bystander was shot in the lower leg.{} He tells ABC 33/40 she should recover nicely since the wound is not life threatening.{}{} However, investigators still have a violent crime to solve.{} We're told the officers are talking to witnesses and neighbors in hopes of figuring out how the shootout started, how many people were involved, and exactly who was involved.Investigators may be able to get a clue from security cameras.{} At this time, it's unclear if they work or where they are located, but there are signs in the complex indicating security cameras are placed in the area.{} There is even one of those signs located on the building where the woman was shot.{} The apartment complex owners will coordinate the information with investigators.{} However, officers on the scene say it's unlikely that any camera captured Tuesday's night's events.ABC 33/40 has learned it's possible the shootout may have been connected with an earlier incident at the complex.{} An officer on the scene stated there are still a lot of questions about how the two incidents may be related, though.