Bibb Co. teen killed in West Blocton accident

{}{}{} Extreme shock and grief has hit the community of Brent in West Alabama after a teen is killed in overnight accident.{}{}{} 16 year old Nathan Smitherman died after his Ford Ranger left Highway 5 near mile marker 96 around midnight Thursday and hit two trees.{} The vehicle was left mangled on the driver side near the driver's seat.{} {}"He was coming home from somewhere and apparently fell asleep and went off the road, " said{}Pastor Mike Allen of Calvary Baptist Church in Centreville.{}{}{} State Troopers are still investigating.{}{}{}{}Pastor{} Allen baptized Nathan and also coached him in{}basketball at Cahawba Christian Academy in Centreville.{} He says Nathan was an all around young man who loved drama, basketball and most of all - people.{} "Full of life, full of energy. You put him on a basketball court - he's just 100 percent go go go. Nathan had a lot of friends and he was very friendly. He was the type of kid that if you asked him to do something he was going to do his best to do it to the best of his ability."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} We're told Nathan had just recently got his{}drivers license.{}{}{}{}{} A relative found the crash site after Nathan did not arrive home on time.{} His sudden death has baffled those{}who knew him.{}{}{}{}{} Pastor Allen who will help officiate Smitherman's funeral offers{}words of comfort..{} "You never know when this life is finished. And the most important thing that anybody can do is make sure they know where they're going to go when they die. And I know for a fact that Nathan accepted Jesus Christ and it was a privilege for me to get to baptize him when I did."{}
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