Big Burglary Ring busted in Fayette and Marion Counties

Anthony Pennington

{}{}{}{} A suspect's taste in fine jewelry and perfume gave law enforcement in Fayette County a big clue that a woman was likely involved in{}a string of burglaries that crossed multiple jurisdictions.

{} The home break-ins began October 5th and police say{}one happened every Friday night{}up until December 13th.{} Investigator Jeremy Lay with{}the Fayette{}County Sheriff's office says each time,{}"the same day{} and same items were taken. There items taken{}like electronics, guitars"

{}{} The first happened in the Fayette County jurisdiction, then the city of Winfield, then spread to Marion County and ultimately the town of Brilliant there.{} The multiple agencies began to share information after getting tips that a woman by the name of Sandra Younglood, who was recently released from prison may be involved.{} But, all along they didn't believe she was acting alone.

{}{} Other than similarities of the cases and Youngblood's name , police say they had little evidence until one rainy Friday, authorities say the burglars left a{}muddy track behind.{} "We were able to lift that and there was a hair that got caught in the glass from where they made entry -- a blonde hair strand" said Sgt. Brent Burleson with the Winfield Police Department.

{}{} That hair was traced back to Sandra Youngblood.{} Police then checked area Pawn Shops.{} "From all the dates of the burglaries, We found that she was pawning items the day after each burglary," said Investigator Lay.

{}{} Sandra Youngblood was arrested and so was her boyfriend, Anthony Pennington...her son, Jacob Youngblood and his friend - Jefferey Cascio.{} Authorities say Sandra Youngblood was the leader and together they took nearly $300,000 in personal belongings from the eight homes across two counties.

{}{} All four suspects face multiple charges of burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.{} Sandra Youngblood also faces a charge of attempting to allude police.