Big turnout at bone marrow drive for Jefferson County deputy battling cancer

{} We first told you about Sgt. Randy Nash Wednesday. We learned the organizing group, called "Be the Match" says this is one of the biggest drives they've seen. 70 signed up to be on the registry and Sgt. Nash's family is hoping {}his match is one of them. The people who Sgt. Randy Nash spent his life serving - are now helping him.."The support from everyone - firefighters, Birmingham Police, Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies coming off 12 hour shifts," Tancy Clark, Nash's daughter said.Sgt. Nash beat cancer five years ago. {}Last year, he lost his father to leukemia, his wife passed away of breast cancer in January. And in may, Nash, too was diagnosed with leukemia. His daughter told us, when his co-workers and the community heard the news - they came out in record numbers to help him find a bone marrow match."It was a great day, the Jefferson County Sheriff's department is one big family and they really came out and showed their support - we had over 70 people join the registry," Rachel Harris, "Be the Match" said.They raised over $1,500 in donations and added over 70 donors to the bone marrow registry."It was amazing," Clark said. "It was like a miracle. When I arrived at 10:00 I asked Rachel and she said already 24 people had signed up, so considering most drives only get 25-30 people to sign up in total to become donors, the fact that in one hour they had that many {}- it was amazing."The matching process is based on tissue type from ethnicity and the need right now is for minority donors. {}"We have 12 million people on the registry and we still have patients who do not find that matching donor in need - especially minorities who are under-represented, so there is a great need for people with diverse ancestry to join," Harris said.The results take around two weeks to come in. Nash will have a biopsy next week to determine whether the chemo worked. If he goes into remission, he'll be able to receive the bone marrow transplant. {}If you missed the drive for Sgt. Nash, you still have an opportunity to contribute - another drive will be held Saturday for be the match. It goes from 10-2 at the Homewood Community Center. {}