Bigger C

The word of a cancer diagnosis... can be devastating.... but a Tuscaloosa woman says her faith helped not only give her strength to get through it... but now she's helping others... get through their cancer battle.


Rather than running from it, I felt like Jesus took me by the hand and showed me how to dance with it.

In June of 2009 Kathy Watson found out she had breast cancer after getting a mammogram.

When they said the word cancer, God had spared me from the shock of hearing it... I knew it.

She says God somehow prepared her for the news... deep down after the mammogram she felt as if it would be cancer.



Kathy Watson/founder. I probably spend a lot of time in the word the word is comforting wit hits fear or confusion or anger or grief or sadness you have a wide range of emotions when you are dealing with this... even though it's physical it attacks you emotionally and spiritually too.

Kathy. " I was granted the privilege of focusing on Christ rather than cancer, Christ was the Bigger C."

Now she wants to share the strength and comfort she experienced to encourage others who are now going through their cancer battle.

She started a new ministry called The Bigger C.

Kathy says, "We just want to come together through fellowship and sharing just offer hope and encouragement."

The group meets on the second Sunday afternoon of every month in Tuscaloosa.

It's a ministry of the Forest Lake United Methodist Church.

For more information you can call The Bigger C at 205 345-8444.