Online dating site billboard drawing criticism in Birmingham

Shown is the billboard advertisement near the Birmingham airport on Saturday, June 8, 2013. (

A billboard in East Birmingham is getting some double takes and drawing criticism. One woman is now trying to get the sign taken down because she believes it could lead to human trafficking."Do you want your child to date a sugar daddy. What does that tell you?"A new billboard on Messer Airport Highway... making people do a double take.Andrew Bishop says, "I looked up there and saw that and said, man I didn't know if it was a gentlemen's club or a strip club. I didn't know what it was."It's asking students if they need a second job. One mom, was pretty shocked after checking out Stephanie Posey says, "Oh, it says intimacy with a twist and then you tell them you're looking for men."Bishop says,"As father of two girls, I wouldn't want it up there.""I think a lot of our children will respond to this add." Alexa James, who works with The WellHouse, a faith based agency against human trafficking, wants this billboard taken down. She says it's targeting children. "I-20 has now become the superhighway of human trafficking and we need for you to open your eyes. Make a stand, call the Mayor's Office, call your state representative."James says a similar billboard was taken down in Chicago, also featuring ex-porn star, Bree Olson. Stephanie Posey says the image itself could lead students down the wrong path. "That looks like a nice girl, college age, maybe young professional."Birmingham Resident, Wallace Kirkland, says "I don't feel like we need this in my community. This is not going to help my community, only going to break us down."Here is a statement that sent ABC 33/ is an online dating site catering to mutually beneficial arrangements. It's free for women to join. Men pay between $49-$79/month to communicate with these women. All communication is done discreetly within our platform. No personal information is ever exchanged unless the two parties elect to do so. Our site has over 2.1 million members and has seen some tremendous growth this year.Why Birmingham:We witnessed a rather larger jump in membership within a 25 mile radius of Birmingham in May. This is generally a city that is not on a radar. We asked our analytics team to look into any data points that could be causing this. What we found led us to have this campaign in Birmingham. The average age of women signing up in Birmingham (within a 25 mile radius) is 22 years old. As a result, we decided a campaign targeting undergrads & grads was critical.In response to your inquiry, the billboard went up today (Saturday). We have absolutely no intention of taking this creative down as it mirrors our demographics perfectly.Thank You,AJ

ABC 33/40 put a call into the Mayor's Office, but have not received a response.