Bingo for books

While many students turn to technology for education one school district is trying to raise money for the basics.There is a textbook shortage in Chilton County Schools and many of the books they do have are out of date. But the community dabbled with some numbers to help the situation.Jemison Public Librarian Tammie McGriff says, "The community, they're a great support for us." She helped organized a fundraiser to raise money for textbooks and library books.Chilton County Superintendent Dave Hayden says "It takes a village to raise a child." And when a child doesn't have a textbook, educators spun an idea than just your typical fundraiser. McGriff says "We're in those times where we need help from each other and we thought bingo would be fun."It's called Bingo for Books. Hayden says there aren't enough text books due to a funding shortfall. "The state gives us so much money and that's it. It takes roughly sixty dollars to buy a new textbook for 7200 students, so you're looking at 450,000."Nikki Mode has three daughters in the school system. "Right now, one of my daughters does not have a text book to bring home every night and as a parent, that's part of my involvement to review her work with her. So,Mode tried her hand at bingo to change that. It was a dollar per bingo card.Hayden says "Most books are available on-line and you can go home and access the Internet and do studies from there, but not everyone has internet access, so it's not a good thing." But community backing is and Hayden says he's grateful.{} "Anything we raise goes to the kids. we'll take it."