Birdies for Charity raised over $323,000 for local charities

The Regions Tradition announcedtoday that Birdies for Charity raised more than $323,000 this year for localcharities.{} More than 64 charities throughout the state participated.

The goal is simple:{} Raise as much money as possible by having corporationsor the general public commit to donations based on the number of birdies made atThe Regions Tradition.

The top 10 fund raising charitiesqualified for Red Diamond's "Bonus Bucks" competition where Red Diamond matchedcontributions up to a certain dollar amount.

The Vestavia Hills AthleticAssociation was the top fund raiser, soliciting more than $69,000 for their organization.{}

The top 10 charities and their "BonusBucks" are as follows:

{}1st{}Place and winner of{}$10,000{}- VESTAVIA HILLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION

{}2ND{}Placeand winner of{}$7,500{}- NORWOOD RESOURCE CENTER

{}3rd{}Placeand winner of{}$5,000{}- ASSISTANCE LEAGUE OF BIRMINGHAM

{}4th{}Placeand winner of{}$2,500{}- CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER OF MARSHALLCOUNTY

{}5th{}Placeand winner of{}$1,000{}- HANDS ON BIRMINGHAM

{}6th{}Placeand winner of{}$1,000{}- VOICES' FOR ALABAMA'S CHILDREN

{}7th{}Placeand winner of{}$1,000{}- FELLOWSHIP HOUSE

{}8th{}Placeand winner of{}$1,000{}- BOOKS-A-MILLION ASSOCIATE ASSISTANCEFUND

{}9th{}Placeand winner of{}$500{}- COMMUNITY GRIEF SUPPORT SERVICE

{}10th{}Placeand winner of{}$500{}- NICK'S KIDS FUND


To become involved in the Birdiesfor Charity program, organizations must have 501(c) 3 status as recognized bythe IRS. For more information on Birdies for Charity, as well as a list ofparticipating charities, go to{}