Jury selection set to begin, Georgia teen accused of shooting 18 month old in the face

Juryselection is scheduled to begin in the trial of a Georgia teenager charged withfatally shooting a 13-month-old baby in the face during an attempted streetrobbery.

A judgemoved the trial of 18 year old De'Marquise Elkins to the suburbs north ofAtlanta, more than 325 miles from the crime scene where young Antonio Santiagowas slain in the coastal port city of Brunswick.

Prosecutorsand defense attorneys were scheduled to begin questioning potential jurorsMonday at the Cobb County courthouse.

Theslaying of young Antonio made national headlines. Prosecutors say Elkins and a15-year-old accomplice were trying to rob the child's mother March 21 andElkins shot the toddler when she said she had no money.