Birmingham Board of Education meeting ends with one less board member

© Concerns over the state takeover was once again the hot topic of conversation at a Birmingham Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. (

Concerns over the state takeover and decisions to make once again the top discussion for the Birmingham Board of Education.

A conversation about an energy conservation program became heated between Board President April Williams and State Appointed CEO Dr. Ed Richardson. Williams were concerned about paying for the program. "The board voted to extend to legal counsel representation to avoid that financial burden."

There was also the issue of Phase Two of the reduction plan. The board tabled a declaration of a reduction of force. The declaration must be made before they can vote on the plan March 12th. Board members want to see the plan Dr. Richardson will present on February 26th before declaring a reduction in force.

Richardson says "We will put everything on the table in terms of consolidation of schools, central office buildings, central office staff, so the actual recommendation. The board will not approve it then, that's a presentation to them, then will have some community meetings"

Just before the meeting closed, Board member Alana Edwards Haynes, gave her resignation with six months left on her term. "I really did a lot of contemplation on staying and fulfilling my term. Just after talking it over with my family it was not do able for me to stay. I stayed as long as I could and regret the fact I have to leave early.

The Board has 30 days to appoint a new member before voting on a replacement.

Alana Edwards Haynes says being a new mother played a part in her resignation. She's been on the board since 2008.