Birmingham Board of Education hears investigation report

Ed Richardson presented a report on the investigation of the Birmingham School Board. He's the board's state-appointed financial officer. Not everyone agreed with Richardson's review, including board member Alana Edwards.{}{} {}Richardson says the board did not follow its own policies or directives from the State Superintendent. He says one July meeting was just short of being a circus. It was when the board voted to fire Superintendent Craig Witherspoon. Richardson says the board needs to show an accrediting agency its taking steps to improve governance and needs to revise some policies.Richardson says "There was one purpose for this, that was to confirm there has been some level of micro-managing going on here which justifies a letter from Sacs and that we need to this very seriously."

Alana Edwards says "Only thing that they want us to say is what progress has been made in addressing the issues related to governance. Well, what issues were raised of interest? It doesn't say. So what are we responding to?"Other school board members said they're ready to move forward and work out the issues. Accrediting agency 'Sacs' must receive the board's letter by October first.