Birmingham Boys Choir celebrates 40 years

For 40 years, the Birmingham Boys Choir has sung concerts across the nation and around the world.

In fact, the next international concert comes up later this year in Costa Rica.

50 boys, ages 8 to 18 make up the choir. The choir was founded in 1973.

Five years later, Ken Berg became its director.

"It's been a tremendous opportunity for the boys, especially in regards to increasing our awareness in this city that this art form has been here and represents our city so well," says Berg.

Berg reflects back 35 years ago, when he first started directing the choir.

"I didn't have a lot of experience teaching boys. I had a music education degree, I wasn't terribly conversant in that language yet. But I jumped at the chance and 35 years later, here we are," says Berg.Berg and his wife Susan, have spent three decades working side by side, Building the choir into a world-renowned ensemble. The choir began touring in 1985. In that time, it has performed across the United States, Europe, and Japan."We've had the chance to take our boys to lots of places and to increase their thought process beyond our little circle here in Birmingham," says Berg.The boys perform Bach and Mozart and mix in folk music and songs of praise. Berg says, the choir is more than teaching young boys about music and art."We try to encourage kids to be honorable, be kind, good, all of the sort of Christian ethic we want our generation of men to see and that always starts with boys," says Berg.Michael Meginson has sung in the choir for ten years. "This is probably my favorite thing that I do," says Meginson. "Mr. Berg teaches us life lessons and he's constantly giving us advice for all kinds of things. He strives to make his boys into gentlemen."Berg encourages boys to take a chance. Try to be a part of this art-form

His hope is that the music will go on for generations to come. "We have to realize that kids need to be encouraged to be dedicated, stay with, and not be afraid of this. It is such a viable and time honored institution," says Berg.

Sunday, May 19 at 4:00pm at Shades Crest Baptist Church, the choir will host their spring concert.

The concert is free of charge.

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