Birmingham Boys Choir returns from Costa Rica

The Birmingham Boys Choir, celebrating its 40th anniversary, just got back from their trip to Costa Rica this Saturday.

This was their first trip to Latin America

Ken Berg, director of the choir, says singing some of the native songs was met with praise. "The people we would sing them to were so appreciative that we would take time to not only come to them, but to learn their songs, to appreciate their culture, as well as express a little bit of our own," he says.Carey Jackson, was among those who made the trip'We sang in random places sometimes. Sometimes in schools, they seemed to appreciate it a lot," he says.Ultimately, Berg says, the choir is more than teaching young boys about music and art.

He says trips like this one are meaningful.

"(It teaches you) things you can't learn in a classroom. how other people in the world, kids your own age, how their lives are so different, and how they are the same," says Berg. "Another thing that is so important is to see the universal language of music."

Their next touring trip will be two years, from now in 2015.

The choir is now accepting applications for anyone wanting to try out.

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