Birmingham church seeks to take "Jesus Is" online

The Rock Church is on a mission to make hashtag #JESUSis the highest trending item on Twitter on Monday, April 29.{}The Birmingham-based church caused controversy recently for its "Strip for Me" billboard outside a local strip club.{}Churchgoers hope to use Christianity to rid the world problems. A church secretary tells reporter Marissa Mitchell the Rock Church will also host a social{}media event on April 29.{}The following message from The Rock Church details the "Social Media Takeover":{}We informed you that we would be hosting a Social Media Takeover. The time has arrived! Fifty years ago during the Civil Rights Era, they would literally take to the streets and march to protest segregation, injustice, degradation, etc. Today, we march in a different way. We use social media to make our voices heard.On Monday, April 29, 2013 we will take over social media outlets by striving to make #JESUSis the top trending topic across the state, the nation, and hopefully the world. On this day, everything we do will be about JESUS! Our TV broadcast will focus on uplifting the name of JESUS our radio spots will consist of nothing but JESUS! It is our intent on this day, to make him known like never before! Beginning at 9am we will have staff members and volunteers on campus to Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram #JESUSis all day! We are inviting whomever would like to come, to come to the church, to post and be apart of this historic move! There is POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS and in this season, it is paramount that we grasp hold of it as we rise up against every calamity, perversion, temptation, degradation and every other thing that would exalt itself above Christ. If Jesus be magnified, God will be glorified causing the enemy to be terrified as we reclaim the city and the world for the Lord!