Some call Birmingham church billboard 'racist'

Michael Jordan, Senior Pastor of New Era Baptist Church told ABC 3340's Larry Miller he's upset about the 'not guilty' verdict George Zimmerman received in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.{}

" I could not go to Mountain Brook and stalk a white male, eating pizza, shoot his heart out and holler self defense," said Jordan.{}To vent his frustration, the pastor placed two controversial {}messages on the church's billboard. One side of the massive sign reads, "George Zimmerman jury supported white racism." The other side says, "Rape a white woman you will die in prison."{}Some called the messages both shocking and divisive.{}" ...racism is never going to die in the South with that kind of stuff. I agree with being upset about the verdict," said a man who wished only to be identified as Jimmy. "We need to get past it."{}Jordan doesn't believe the messages are racist, although some would argue the contrary. {}He says he has the full backing of his congregation to draw attention to the mistreatment of African American men. When asked when the messages would come down, Jordan said he planned on keeping them up for a while or until 'God' tells him otherwise.{}