Birmingham City Council denies bond purchase agreement...again

© Roderick Royal, President of Birmingham City Council. (

For the second straight week Birmingham City Council has said "No."

"No politics," President Roderick Royal said. "I've had enough."

First off, council turned down a $73 million bond purchasing agreement. This money would be used for community projects city wide.

"We haven't had that discussion and I just think we don't engage the city to the tune of $73 million and not realize that we have properly vetted this collectively," Steven Hoyt said.

Stemming from that, $9 million would be used for repaving. Each district would get $1 million.

"All the streets that I requested had a block amount to it," LaShunda Scales said. "I was $5,000 under that $1 million that had been appropriated in this area."

Scales blames the disconnect on a lack of communication with Mayor William Bell.

Other councilors, like Kim Rafferty, disagree.

The bond issue has been sent back to committee. It is expected to be brought up again in the coming weeks.