Birmingham city council denies street resurfacing project

© Councilwoman LaShunda Scales (

Remember a couple months ago when Birmingham city councilors were asked to come up with $1 million worth of street repaving in their districts?

Remember when Mayor William Bell compiled that list of streets for approval?

Tuesday, Bell brought those recommendations before council for the vote.

Council voted "no."

"So, why the hold up?," Councilwoman Kim Rafferty said. "I don't understand."

Rafferty calls it one step forward...two steps back.

Councilwoman LaShunda Scales calls it being responsible.

"It would behoove the mayor and the council, as leaders of this city...we need to sit down and have a talk," she said.

Scales wants to see the final list to see what money is going where and what street is getting repaved.

It's a list that Bell thought was a done deal.

"The administration is reacting to the streets that you all submitted," Bell said. "These are streets that you all put forward."

But Scales says it's about accountability.

"We need to know exactly what we're doing so that when we have to go and speak to the public about it...we are informed and we're speaking informatively," Scales said.

"That's between the councilor and the mayor," Rafferty said. "And that needs to be resolved not by Committee of the Whole, but as that councilor to the administration. And then the item needs to move."

For now it's staying still, waiting to make its way before council, once again.

"We don't need politics to get in the way of paving our roads," Rafferty said. "And, unfortunately, that's where we are right now."

The city tried to approve APAC Mid-South, Inc. for $9 million for the job. However, the city says that number is based on gas prices.