Birmingham City Council search for new councilor

Now that City Councilwoman Carole Smitherman has been voted Circuit Court Judge, Birmingham city leaders will select a new face to join the city council.

"There is no vacancy as we speak, and there may not be a vacancy until next year," says City Councilor President Roderick Royal.

Royal says Smitherman will still be a member of council until she takes the oath of office as judge in January 2013. Once she takes the oath, the process for a new councilor for district six will then begin. Royal says, "I hope to have received a number of letters of interest and resumes so that the process will be shortened and that maybe we can make a selection within two to three weeks." He hopes to fill the post quickly, Smitherman can't serve on the council while she's also a judge.

Councilman Johnathan Austin went through the measures that the soon-to-be newcomer will go through, back in 2008.

Austin says, "You have to meet with all the council members, you interview for the position, talk about why you feel interested or why you feel like you're the person that's qualified to be in this position."

A position that requires a candidate to pay close attention to their district and the city of Birmingham. Dealing with proposals, debates, and votes. Royal and Austin say City Council will still move forward in the right direction once the new member gets settled.

Royal says, "It's different, it's out of the norm, it's not a normal process, not a normal occurrence that you would have to appoint someone."