Birmingham City Jail inmates get chance to earn GED

Inmates at the Birmingham City Jail working towards earning their GEDs. (

Inmates at the Birmingham City Jail are getting an opportunity to earn their GEDs thanks to a new program called Transition Assistance Program, or TAP.

The program is a partnership between the Birmingham Police Department, Lawson State Community College, and Birmingham's municipal courts. Officials released details of the initiative at the jail Wednesday morning.

"We ought to be strengthening them so that they do not go back into the same environment," said Municipal Court Judge Andra Sparks.

The program also includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, domestic violence classes, and more.

"It's good to see we haven't lost everything to a life of crime," said inmate George McCain, 33, who has spent three months in jail on drug charges.

McCcain is on his way to earning his GED and has plans earn a business degree.

"You would think that being in jail, these guys aren't that smart," McCain said of other inmates in his class. "But these guys are smart."

The GED training program has been in operation for several months.