Birmingham City School host open house

Birmingham superintendent, Dr. Craig Witherspoon says this was an opportunity to dispel myths and outdated ideas about the school system.

Several people said they hope parents and community members left with the impression that Birmingham schools offer quality education.

"A lot of time we run into people who say 'well I've heard this' and 'back when I was in school so long ago'. Well there are great things that are occurring in every one of our schools," said Witherspoon.

Dr. Craig Witherspoon says some parents may be on the fence about bringing their children into the district. Today could've been the deciding factor.

"This gives parents and community and opportunity to come in a see for themselves," he said.

One school eager to show off was Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School. "We have a light that shines quite brightly here in Birmingham. Despite negativity there are a lot of good things in Birmingham city schools," said Elliot Ashley, school counselor.

Until lately, the school's parent involvement has been dismal. But Ashley says turnout for open house proves they are making progress. "It is exciting. We are expecting a few more parents to come in. We've had some come in already today and as the day goes on we expect more. And it's always good to see them come up and show their concern for the students," he said.

One those visitors was Kelvin Braden, who recently stepped up as the school's newPTA president.{}{}{} {}"Two weeks ago the staff came by the house and wanted the parents to sign up and get involved in the school so I chose to come here cause my grand baby goes here," said Braden.

But students weren't the only ones being observed. At glen iris elementary school, McRendall Fincher sat in on his niece's fourth grade class. She is the teacher. "It helps the teacher to their best to know someone is their supporting them," he said.

Witherspoon says he had great feedback in the past and he's already getting positive feedback this year.