Birmingham City School system placed on probation by SACS

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed the Birmingham City School system on probation for two years Thursday.

SACS cited "governance and leadership issues" as the reason.{}

At a news conference, superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon said all schools in the school district remain accredited.{} School board president April Williams said all members of the BOE take this matter seriously.{} "We will implement their [SACS] recommendations," Williams added.

Some of the accusations of the Board of Education listed in the report:

-"Acting independently and undermining the authority of the superintendent (Witherspoon) in his role."

-"Being more loyal to their individual districts than to the school system."-"Meddling in the day-to-day operation of the (school) system."-"Having an inability and unwillingness to look beyond their own interests and those of the neighborhood they represent."

SACS will conduct another review in February.{} If the issues do not improve by then, SACS could pull the system's accreditation.

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